Custom-made metal fabrication

of wire baskets, grates and fixtures from refractory steels

we provide


Welding heat-resistant stainless steel using the TIG/MIG/MAG method. Custom metal fabrication. 3D CAD Documentation.
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Industrial production

Comprehensive services for hardening and forging plants. Preparations of refractory steels.

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Various metal products made of stainless steel.

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Children's playgrounds

We produce metal playing elements for children’s playgrounds, gardens and parks.

About the company

Hala Ostrovačice s.r.o.

Welcome to the world of innovation, quality, and years of experience in the metalworking industry.

We are Hala Ostrovačice Ltd., a company established in May 2013 as a manufacturing start-up.

We are based in an extensive complex, where we collaborate with a range of different sectors and services, from traditional crafts to the latest technologies.


Process of Production

Initiation of Collaboration

Personal Consultation: Visit us and we will discuss your vision. Phone: Contact us for quick communication.                                  E-mail: Send details to                Online Form: Contact us quickly and easily here

Requirements Definition

Project Vision: Detailed consultation of your requirements for optimal results.

Utility & Quality: We specialize in practical and high-quality solutions.

Technical Documentation

3D CAD Modeling: Accurate visualization of your design.      Price Quotation: You will receive a detailed budget after approval of technical specifications

Production Implementation

Start: After verifying all the details, we will commence production.                                                                                  Delivery: Your order will be ready by the agreed deadline.

Delivery and Logistics

Professional Transportation: Reliable transport through reputable freight companies.                                                  Personal Transport: We offer the option of personal collection for shipments up to 1.3 tons.


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