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About us

Hala Ostrovačice s.r.o.

The company Hala Ostrovačice s.r.o. started its activity 5/2013 as a production start-up.

We build on years of experience in the field of metal production. Thanks to the wide range of products, the company’s customers include both large hardening shops and forges, as well as small operations and tool shops.

Focus :

The competitive advantage of the company is its specialization in the custom production of welded products from refractory stainless steels (e.g. 1.4845 / AISI 310 S and others) exactly according to the needs of customers.

The high quality of the products is mainly due to the use of cutting-edge welding technologies by the TIG/MIG method, its own design development and manufacturing experience in the field. Thanks to these advantages, many permanent customers use the company’s services. The company is also engaged in the custom production of stainless and aluminium building elements and accessories.

The company is committed to the continuous innovation of its products and therefore it is also devoted to the realization of its own research and development. When designing new improved products it cooperates intensively with other companies (satisfying parameters, testing) in order to achieve the highest quality and at the same time the satisfaction of its customers.