About company

About us

Welcome to the world of innovation, quality, and years of experience in the metalworking industry.

We are Hala Ostrovačice Ltd., a company established in May 2013 as a manufacturing start-up.

We are based in an extensive complex, where we collaborate with a range of different sectors and services, from traditional crafts to the latest technologies.

Focus :

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for forges and foundries. Whether you need specialized tools or a supply of accessories, whether you’re a large foundry or a small tool shop, we are here for you.

Why do customers choose us? We manufacture custom tools from heat-resistant steels of grades 1.4541, 1.4828, 1.4841, and 1.4845. Our expertise lies in design development, advanced welding technologies (TIG, MIG, MAG), and a rich production history.

Who vouches for us? We collaborate with companies such as AZ Prokal s.r.o., Cronite CZ s.r.o., and other leading market players. Our track record speaks of quality and trustworthiness.

What sets us apart? We are not limited to just industry. Our next direction is custom metal production of elements for stainless steel children’s playgrounds + artisanal manufacturing.

Innovation is at our core. We constantly improve and innovate our products. We believe in ongoing development and close collaboration with our industry partners.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner that offers top-notch quality and a commitment to your success, Hala Ostrovačice s.r.o. is your choice. We are here for you.